Update Notes 5/11/23 Post-Website Cleanup/Qol
Owner Tim posted on May 11th, 2023

Now that the update is for the most part fully functioning I'm able to focus on in-game changes! I'll be working on the new Forums in the background over the next couple of months, but I want to get some content out on the server! Before the next major update, I wanted to get some bug fixes and QoL changes that have been piling up while I was working on the website, so enjoy!

I've started a poll in the polls section of the Discord vote on what you think the next major update should be!



  • Adjusted how inactive names work

    • Accounts will be considered inactive depending on their total level where 1 year is equivalent to 1,000 total level

    • This means if you have 2,500 total level your account will be considered inactive after 2 years and 6 months

    • If you have a total level of 250, you’d be considered inactive after 3 months.

    • It counts for prestiges, so up to 5000 total level would be 5 years

    • After 5 years all accounts are considered inactive

    • No account will be considered inactive before 2 months

    • Just like before, if your account is inactive and you sign into it, nothing happens; your account is no longer inactive

    • If someone takes your name during the inactive period, you’ll be given a placeholder name but can still log in with your original name (or email)

    • You’ll be able to select a new name easily with the ::getnewname command

      • This command is only for changing names if you have a placeholder name; normal name changes are handled on the website

    • If you accidentally steal your own name when trying to log in to your inactive account, you can have an admin remove that account so you can change your name back

  • The Noxious Scythe will now hit 3 times on NPCs size 3 and larger, 2 times on NPCs size 2, and once on NPCs size 1

    • However if one of the hits misses, it won’t do a check for the next one, meaning if the first hit misses, it won’t check the next two; if the second one misses it won’t check the third, etc.

    • I believe this is a much better balance

  • The first option on Gatestones and Group Gatestones has been changed to Drop.

    • Shift-clicking will switch it to Use

  • Combat Familiars will now be much faster to attack a target while you’re in combat.

  • Telling your Familiar to attack a target or telling your familiar to use a special attack on a target will no longer interrupt your current action such as combat

  • The Herbicide, Bonecrusher, and Ash Sanctifier now have the option (disabled by default) to destroy the noted versions of their respective items for no experience

    • This is just to help clear the area of junk drops

  • Sergeant Grimspike’s shark drop is now unnoted and ranges from 2-3 sharks

  • Made it so Cyrisus’s protection shield will wait until he’s finished his last action before activating so it doesn’t get interrupted. There’s still plenty of time before the flame comes

    • Also gave him an animation when creating it

  • Dying while in the Noxious Demon instance with a full Death storage will now place any extra items outside the cave, rather than being lost inside the instance

  • Dying with a Beast of Burden in any instance or unreachable location will now drop the Beast of Burden items outside the instance/area the same as any of your items that Death couldn’t hold

  • After saving items with the Summoning Skillcape perk, any pouches that couldn’t fit in your inventory will now be dropped to the ground rather than being lost.

  • Added some spiders to the island east of Yanille

  • The Mercenary's gloves from the Dungeoneering Reward shop now have 15 range attack.

  • Teleporting out of Pyramid Plunder will no longer force you outside

  • Bunny ears will no longer shrink your hairstyle

  • The low-level trolls at the Mountain camp now have animations

  • D&D Notifications will no longer show up on server restart

    • This is intended to remove any confusion of D&Ds respawning on server restart such as the LRP if it was still alive

  • “Lrp” and “rok” have been added to the aliases for the Teleport to Living Rock Caverns command

  • The “quit” command will now bring up the Leave-party dialogue inside of Dungeons

  • The pickaxe inside the rock in the Bulwark beast boss room is now grabbable

  • (h1) - (h5) skirts can now be stored alongside the rest of the armor inside the POH costume room

  • High-level Pest Portals now properly have 2500 life points and have been given a bit of defence

  • The god staves can now be stored in the weapons rack in the POH costume room

  • The god croziers have been moved to the weapon rack in the POH costume room since they’re technically weapons


Bug Fixes

  • Disconnecting in a Dungeon no longer removes your multi-combat state for the remainder of the Dungeon.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes teleporting your house would return an error and not allow you to teleport

  • The new-look style ZGS and BGS now properly only require 50% special attack to use like their counterparts.

  • Fixed a typo with Dagannoth Sentinels

  • The Gilded 3rd Age kite shield is now tradable

  • Spam Clicking Fire spirits will no longer sometimes give double rewards

  • Logging in and rejoining your last used Guest clan will no longer bypass any of the clan settings, such as bans or no longer allowing guests to visit

  • Potentially fixed a rare bug that would cause items to disappear if your inventory was full when claiming items from your POS collection box

  • Priest gowns are now properly tradable

  • Barrows helms that were showing chins, that shouldn’t, now don’t.

  • Fixed an issue with Slayer Dialogue where the Wilderness Warning would get canceled so you couldn’t teleport via the dialogue.

  • The banker on Jatizso is now accessible.

  • Fixed an issue where jumping out of the way of an obstacle in The Brimhaven Arena didn’t properly cancel other actions, which could cause strange results

  • The middle ladders in The Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold now work

  • Fixed several issues with the highscores after all the website changes, mainly a few errors if you click on certain players/bosses in certain situations

  • Opening a Player Owned Shop right after a trade will no longer leave the “Trade Modified” warning on the interface

  • Teclyn, the elf near the Farming patch in Lletya now properly shows up on the map

  • Teleporting out of the Barrows crypt while the screen is shaking into another area with a controller will no longer leave your screen shaking

  • Fixed a clue step hint for Rantz’s cave. It now properly says the cave is East of Feldip hills

  • Some Avianses that were using incorrect animations have been fixed

    • All Aviansee’s projectiles now come from the correct height

  • The Pirate hat and Camel mask can now properly be stored in the Costume box in the POH Costume room


New Website!
Owner Tim posted on Apr 19th, 2023

Welcome to the New Website!

  • I've been working on this website transition for over a year now. It's taken massive infrastructure changes to how the server works to accomplish, but now website accounts and in-game accounts are one and the same. We are no longer using Enjin in any capacity. 


  • All you have to do to "register" on the new site is connect an email to your account, you'll then be able to take advantage of the website's new features. Once you register you'll use your email to log in in-game as well. For security reasons and for future features I'm requiring this - that's why I wanted to make sure I added username saving by default in the Client beforehand!


  • Things like name changes and password changes are now handled on the website under your account settings.


  • Voting and the Web shop will now use your account automatically, rather than having to type in a username, and they've also been completely redesigned!


  • On the site and in-game I've removed most references to "Donations" as they're more like purchases and I want to be consistent. So Donator Ranks are now just Ranks, Donation Points are now Bliss Points, etc. A notable exception is Donator Zones, since naming them anything else wouldn't be the same!


  • Some data from Enjin will be transferred over, mainly your total donated amount so if you want that to transfer automatically there's still time to ::linkenjin with your old Enjin account, but that will only be around until the end of the month. I'll be saving as much data from Enjin as I can, so it won't be lost if you don't link in time.


  • I've still got lots of features planned for the new site - so keep an eye out for new features!


Update Notes 3/2/23
Owner Tim posted on Mar 2nd, 2023

Mainly a QOL and bugfix update this month, as I'm still working on the website. It's coming along nicely, and I'll be ready to start introducing you guys to it soon!



  • Added an “Action Queue” system
    • It’ll queue up an action if you try to perform one while your character is in a locked state and will execute the action if your character is unlocked shortly after
    • This is to prevent those “Hey, I thought I clicked that” moments while playing
    • You’ll find this most noticeable in situations like clicking on something while finishing a teleport or clicking on the next agility obstacle before you’ve completely finished the one you’re on
    • Queueable actions include
      • Walking
      • Clicking on NPCs
      • Clicking on Objects
      • Clicking on ground items
      • Clicking on things in your inventory
      • And several other various actions
    • It’s actually pretty amazing how much smoother the server feels with this system in place
    • It’ll only queue up one action at a time, and will only execute if you’re unlocked within a few game-ticks
  • The Monster Examine spell on the Lunar spellbook now works
    • You can use this to double-check a monster's weakness and confirm that their stats are correct after the Combat rework - report any errors!
  • Added the Candle-maker’s shop in Catherby
  • You can also now light and extinguish white and black candles
  • The Ectoplasmator combined with the Prayer restore necklaces from Dungeoneering will now restore prayer based on the necklace and tier of spectral creature comparable to the Ash Sanctifier and Bonecrusher
  • Added additional xp milestone announcements for milestones up to 4 billion 1x rate xps
  • Checking your Slayer task with a gem or your slayer helmet will now also give you your reaper task information
    • If you don’t have a reaper task, it will tell you how many more tasks you can do today



  • The way the Noxious Scythe decides what hits to deal has changed slightly
    • The cone of influence has shrunk a bit, but if you hit a larger enemy you’re guaranteed to do the maximum number of hits, regardless of angle (assuming you don’t hit another NPC first)
    • The maximum number of hits is now 1 for a size 1 enemy, 2 for both size 2 and size 3 enemies, and 3 for size 4+ enemies
      • You can combine hits over multiple enemies up to a maximum of 3 per swing
      • This change is to reduce the number of areas the Scythe is best-in-slot, like a lot of slayer tasks, while keeping it best-in-slot for the larger bosses as intended
    • These changes aren’t set in stone, and I’m open to feedback
  • Dungeoneering NPC levels and bonuses will now drop off faster relative to their combat level, meaning higher-level bosses won’t be as strong, but lower-level NPCs should be about the same
  • Removed a duplicate Rubber chicken from the POS search table
  • You can no longer set up a cannon in the Jadinko lair, as it conflicts with the roots spawning
  • Super antifire, Recover specials, and Super prayer potions are now all tradable again
  • (or) and (sp) armor are now tradable, so you don’t have to split them before trading them
  • If an object (Such as rocks falling from LRP) lands on a Cannon, it will be destroyed and must be reclaimed from Suak
  • You can no longer light fires on top of cannons or place cannons on top of fires
  • Abbot Langley can now enchant full inventories of jewelry for skillers, rather than just one at a time. Just talk to him instead of using an item on him.
  • The Bandos and Zamorak Godswords now both consume 50% Special attack energy rather than 100%
  • The Skeletal Minions in the Necrolord boss fight now block your attacks and movement and have their combat animations
  • Added some Moss giants near level 35 wilderness
  • Building a Fencing ring inside your POH combat room now properly requires 41 Construction to build
  • You can no longer attack while performing an emote
  • Moved Vanessa’s (The farming shop) spawn location to the west
    • This should keep her from wandering behind her shop

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Roc in the Dominion tower now properly attacks at range again
  • Icefiends on Ice Mountain are no longer bugged out
  • Nomad’s wrath attack will no longer still damage you if you or Nomad die before it finishes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Traps in the POH to boost your Agility, rather than reducing it
  • You can no longer light normal fires next to the Evil Tree, causing its root spawning to bug out
  • Roots spawning on the Evil tree now push back every player standing on the tile, preventing multiple roots from spawning on the same tile
  • Crafting bolas now properly requires two Excrescence and one mutated vine
  • You no longer get an error when trying to summon a Dreadfowl
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes, when resetting a hunter trap, you could accidentally get a duplicate trap in your inventory
  • Fixed several bugs in Dominion Tower where friendly NPCs attacked you instead of the boss, mainly Pest Queen and Zenevivia
    • Also, the Void knights will now celebrate the victory if the Pest queen is defeated!
  • Your personal Gatestone will no longer show up to other players on death inside a Dungeon
  • Teleporting to your Gatestone with a full inventory will no longer leave the inactive Gatestone on the ground
  • You can no longer spam-click hunter traps inside Dungeoneering to place more than you should, and you can no longer place them on top of each other.
  • The Ardougne Monastery teleport will no longer sometimes put you behind between some rocks you can’t walk out of
  • Activating a prayer with an animation while performing certain emotes will no longer bug out
  • Fixed a bug in Death’s dialogue that would keep the Dialogue interface open in some cases
  • Fixed many Force Movement mechanics where the player would face the wrong direction or the timing was off
Update Notes 1/26/23
Owner Tim posted on Jan 26th, 2023

Client Changes and Website announcement

  • I’m putting this first because I don’t want people to miss it
  • I cleaned up how the client saves the cache and client preferences on your computer
    • I recommend clearing your old cache via the launcher to remove any unneeded files and save space
    • With these changes comes some fantastic news, after many hours of wading through the weeds that is the 718 client have found a way to save your last used username on the client, meaning when you load the client up, it will remember the last username you logged in with
    • The client is extremely limited, so if you have suggestions for this system, it’s probably not possible. I’ve done just about all I can with it.
    • It is enabled by default but can be disabled with the client console command ~toggleusernamesaving
    • I’ve also added password saving to the client, but this is disabled by default
      • I would caution against using this feature unless you’re sure no one else has access or will have access to your computer, as though the username and password are encrypted locally, it’s reversible, and anyone on your computer can log on to your account
      • It can be enabled by using the console command ~togglepasswordsaving
    • Preferences are saved per client cache, meaning the first client you open will load one username, the second client you open will load a second username, etc
      • Meaning if you use multiple accounts, it’ll remember the names in the order you logged into them, so as long as you always log in in that order, you’ll never have to type a username again
  • In other news, Enjin has made the announcement that it will be completely shutting down in April of this year, meaning BlissScape’s website and forums will be taken with it in just a few months
    • As many of you know, I’ve already been working on the side to create a new website for BlissScape; that’s where the improvements to the Highscores and the improvements to player saving came from
    • I planned on slowly working on this website over the next year or so to eventually transition 100% to a hand-built website
    • The news that Enjin is shutting down means I need to work on this website full-time to get it finished in time in order to prevent any loss of functionality for the server
    • I’ve already been working on the next content update, Clue Update II; however, that is now a much lower priority
    • I want to be transparent with this as there will likely be another break in content updates after this update (Thankfully, it’s a big one!)
    • I and the rest of staff will be taking as much content off the Enjin website as we can before it closes, including forum posts, news posts, and user-data
    • If you want to save any of your own data, I recommend you do so ASAP!
    • The donation shop will stay up and running until I roll out a new one, but I recommend anyone who is a current Subscriber to cancel their subscription, as I will be moving the Subscriber tiers to Discord’s subscription system in the near future, and I am unsure if they will cancel automatically when Enjin closes down
    • If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to the rest of staff or me!


  • A new NPC has started standing around the home area; the Goblin Tinkerer
    • This NPC can teach you how to combine certain ‘trinkets’ together
    • Trinkets, meaning the items that pick up/destroy/modify NPC drops like the Bonecrusher, Charming imp, Herbicide, etc.
    • Only certain combinations of these items can be combined together. Once they’re combined, the single item will have the abilities of both of the source items
      • There’s an additional option on all trinkets to disable them, even while they’re in your inventory, so you can decide which trinkets you want active even when they’re combined
    • The Goblin Tinkerer will help you figure out which trinkets can be combined by using them on him
    • These ‘Tier II’ trinkets may even be able to be combined with each other, but you’ll have to talk to the Tinkerer for more information
    • After you learn how to craft them, you can combine and separate them as many times as you’d like
  • The Ectoplasmator has been added to the Reaper shop at a cost of 300 Reaper points
    • This item will grant Prayer experience when killing spectral enemies
    • It does not need to be charged 
    • Only the player who would get the drop will gain prayer XP, even if the creature does not normally drop anything
    • The Revenant dragon and dark beast will grant 72 base prayer XP
    • Barrows brothers and medium-sized Revenants will grant 30 Prayer xp
    • Aberrant spectres, spiritual creatures, and small Revenants will grant 15 Prayer xp
    • All other ghosts, shades, ghasts, banshees, shadow warriors, etc., will grant 4.5 Prayer xp
  • The Ash Sanctifier has been added to the Prestige shop for 300 Prestige points
    • Like the Bonecrusher, but for ashes, it will automatically scatter the ashes dropped from enemies you’ve killed
    • You may configure which ashes it will scatter and which will be left on the ground
    • It will also scatter standard ashes for a small amount of prayer experience, despite not normally being scatterable
    • Wearing the Master prayer cape will double the experience normally gained from scattering
      • This also applies to scattering by hand now
  • Added a Slayer Beacon to the Slayer rewards shop for 1500 Slayer points
    • This item will force whatever your current Slayer task is to be aggressive toward you
    • This applies even if the monster isn’t normally aggressive, like Dust devils or Abyssal demons
    • It will also overwrite the aggression timer, meaning it will last your whole Slayer task, meaning you won’t have to leave and re-enter the area for the monsters to become aggressive again
    • You can configure it to only work in single-combat areas if you’d prefer not to be piled by all nearby enemies
    • After your task is completed, normal aggression rules apply
  • These new trinkets, plus all the trinkets already in the game, can now be worn in the Aura slot (Rebranded as the trinket slot)
    • The trinkets will work both in your inventory and in this slot
  • Learning to combine trinkets is a hard achievement (except for skillers)
  • Learning to combine all trinkets is a comp (t) requirement
    • Learning to combine tier 1 trinkets is a skiller comp (t) requirement
  • The log balance shortcut in north Ardougne now works
  • Vote message announcements such as progress announcements and vote party announcements will now include the player name who voted. Share your appreciation!
  • The first option on hunter traps is now “Reset” which will pick up the old trap, whether it has something in it or not, and place down a new trap where the old one was.
  • Elf warriors now have their attack animations
  • You can now charge partially charged Amulets of glory
  • An uncharged or partially charged glory in your Amulet slot will also be charged
  • Trimmed amulets of glory can also now be recharged
  • You can also now use a Geyser titan to charge your glories; it does not have to be your own familiar
  • There is now a 1/1000 chance to receive an Amulet of eternal glory while recharging your untrimmed glories
    • The Amulet of eternal glory has unlimited uses and never needs to be recharged
    • It is tradeable
    • There’s a news announcement when someone receives this
  • Added a confirmation dialogue when using the “Buy-all” option inside shops
  • The house teleport in the normal spellbook at the House teleport tab now function
  • The Watchtower teleport tab now functions
  • The Bull roarer from the Dominion tower can now be used to teleport you to the Kharazi Jungle
  • Spawning a pet from the pet interface while you already have a pet out will automatically pick up your old pet and drop your new one
    • You still must dismiss a familiar before summoning a pet
  • Barrows rewards will now be put into the Rewards chest interface (Similar to QBD and the Noxious Demon) and can be banked/discarded or put in your inventory from the interface
    • Closing the interface will not automatically put your rewards in your inventory; make sure to take them if you want them! Leaving the area will remove whatever is left in the chest
    • You can re-open the interface with whatever rewards are left in it by searching the chest again; the rewards won’t be removed unless you leave the area


  • Over the last several weeks, I have been slowly adjusting the server via hotfixes. This includes minor things like changing a few NPC stats and some major things like changing how NPC aggression works
    • I will be continuing to change things on the fly until I feel the combat rework is in a really good spot. Please continue to send in your feedback as I make changes!
  • The Noxious Scythe has had more tiles added to its multi-target attack
    • This should help with some larger NPCs only getting hit twice when they could be hit three times
    • It also has a slight bias towards the right, as that’s where the swing starts
    • It still has a maximum of 3 hits per swing on one or multiple NPCs
    • The strength bonus has been reduced slightly to account for its higher range
    • It’s still best-in-slot for larger enemies
  • Added a ‘Check’ option to both Slayer helms, which will tell you your current task just like the enchanted gem
    • It can also be used while equipped
  • Magic Projectiles should now line up more with when the hit actually lands
  • Boss monsters will now reset their HP and kill time if no one has attacked them in 5 minutes
    • This is to prevent hour+ long group kill times from people tagging the boss and not finishing the kill until someone else comes along
  • The Living Rock Patriarch’s falling rock attack will now stun you for a couple of seconds if you don’t move out of the way
  • Ranged Tzhaar-Xils now use their range attack
  • Tzhaar-Mej now use their magic attack
  • Jade roots no longer cause collision and now stop moving if no player is in the area
  • Reduced the magic defense on Glacors and Ice Strykewyrms
  • Reduced Nex’s accuracy slightly
  • Removed the Ghostly Robes slot from the Magic Wardrobe, as they are now stored in the Toy box in the POH costume room
  • The wooden spoon from the Dominion tower can now be stored in the POH weapon rack
  • The Third-age mage hat can now be stored alongside the robes in the Magic wardrobe
  • Players and NPCs are now processed in a random order rather than using PID and NID
    • This will, for example, prevent the highest PID player from being targeted first by all NPCs in an area
  • When teleporting into your house, the end teleport animation will now play after your house loads


Bug Fixes

  • Grifolapines now properly require 88 Slayer to kill and gain as a task
  • The hint arrow on Animated Armors in the Warriors Guild will now properly be removed when the armor is defeated
  • Removed an extra space in the game-message when completing clue scrolls
  • Coifs no longer hide your chin when they shouldn’t
  • The weapons rack inside the POH Combat ring now works properly again
  • Combat familiars will now use their correct attack style/styles
  • Fire spirits will no longer bypass the sealed clue limit
  • Fixed the Abyssal Vine whip special attack hitting too many targets and hitting too hard
  • The Dominion medallions now apply their boosts correctly
  • The Fight Kiln, Fight Caves, and QBD kill timers now properly get set if you’ve never had a record before
  • The ::kc list will no longer show a time of 0:00 if you haven’t set a record for the boss yet
  • The Cure Me/Cure Group spells now cure disease
  • Jade roots in the Jadinko lair will no longer hide a cannon or other objects placed down
  • Bind/Snare/Entangle now work again
  • You can no longer walk through the pillars at the Blood Altar
  • Several NPCs that had their stats reset when changing forms when they shouldn’t, such as Wyrms, the QBD or Kalphite Queen now won’t.
  • Fixed a few typos in a few Clue steps
  • The Shop interface will now properly save your buy/sell option setting on close, preventing the interface from becoming confused about which tab you’re on
  • Fixed a typo in the banker dialogue
  • Removed an out-of-bounds Hill giant spawn
  • The Frog mask from the cosmetic shop can now properly be stored in the POH costume box
  • When banking with a banker behind a bank booth, you will now path directly to the bank booth no matter where you start from
  • You can no longer build an Oubliette above the dungeon level
  • Fixed the server thinking the Control key is permanently held down if you’re holding it down while losing focus of the client
  • Fixed a bug where the spacebar hotkey for the skills dialogue would sometimes not properly reset when doing different skills, causing the hotkey to not work until you manually click first
Update Notes 12/22/22
Owner Tim posted on Dec 22nd, 2022

Merry Christmas!

Santa and his imps have returned this year, and like always, the imps aren't cooperating. Talk to Santa at home to find out more!

The Winter Sale has also started! Everything in the shop is 25% off until the new year! Here's to another year of BlissScape! I'm very excited for what's to come in 2023. :)


Major Combat Rework

  • The entire servers combat system has been completely rewritten to be more accurate and feel more like Runescape did in 2012
  • If you didn’t know, the server has basically had the same ‘guess’ for combat since before I even opened it. It was never very accurate, and I’ve had to work around it all these years. Monsters had to have much more defence because accuracy was so high, and new weapons and monsters were very hard to balance because everything already did so much damage.
  • That has all been rewritten now, so max hits, and accuracies for all equipment is now using the real rs formulas. It’s so accurate you can use OSRS calculators to calculate your DPS
  • That means all NPCs have also been rebalanced to have their real RS levels
  • Some NPCs may have been missed during testing, so if you find an NPC with ridiculously high defence, ridiculously high accuracy, or not using the right combat style, let me know ASAP!
    • I will be continually adjusting NPC stats throughout the next couple of months as people go, so don’t be afraid to report anything that feels off
  • To help you experiment with the new system, DPS dummies have gotten several upgrades.
    • They will now calculate your DPS on your first hit, meaning you don’t need to attack for a while to see the true DPS
    • You can also set the target you wish to test your DPS against, rather than the dummy always having no defence
  • I’ve also been working on a bit of a side project - PVP bots!
    • Right now, I’m still experimenting with them, but they can already PK pretty proficiently
    • I’ve spawned a few in Edgeville for you to try out. They don’t currently drop/give you anything and are just there to experiment with the new combat system in PVP
    • They currently spawn with just melee setups. With random main/spec weapons, but the system I’ve built can support a whole lot more!
      • I’d recommend matching their gear if you want a challenge. Barraging them will leave them helpless!
    • Note that dying to one still counts as an NPC death, not a player kill
    • They aren’t faked at all - they use potions, eat food, use vengeance, all under the same constraints as real players, and of course use the same combat formula players use.
      • The only exception is they don’t run out of food, so feel free to bank and come back to try again!
    • I’m open to ideas of what to do with them in the future!
  • Unfortunately due to all these changes, boss kill times from before are kind of outdated, and some are no longer achievable. For this reason, I’ve decided to reset all boss solo/group times to allow new times to be achieved with the new combat system
    • Due to this, I spent some extra time this update working on adding Boss kill counts, and solo/group kill records to the highscores! 
    • You can sort players for KC, or time records
    • Now you’ll be able to track your new kill times against other players!
    • The highscores may take a bit after the update to show up, as I need to update the site separately
  • Due to the combat rework and some bug fixes, record climber and endurance runs in Dominion tower have also been reset
    • This means you will need to reach 25 endurance, and 15 climber again to complete the achievements for Comp cape


  • Added the “Skiller’s scroll of solicitation” which you can claim from the BlissScape guide if you’re a Skiller
    • You can use it on an NPC to share your pacifist lifestyle with them.
    • As a warning, some NPCs may not appreciate this and will attack you on the spot, even unaggressive NPCs.
  • The Fancy-dress shop is now open for business in south-east Varrock. He will sell fancy clothes as well as hunter outfits and capes. You do not need to bring him any fur to buy clothing.
  • The Lumbridge Fishing Supplies shop is now stocked
  • You can now recharge your amulet of Glories inside the Heroes’ guild.
  • Added a level announcement for unlocking the Vanilla Maxed title
  • Added news announcements for unlocking the titles: Jack of Trades, Jack of All Trades, Beastmaster, Bossmaster, Final Boss, and Master of All
  • The collection log will now show the total number of boss eggs you’ve gotten, your initial one plus your extra pets



  • When rolling for Crystal Keys and clue scrolls, the roll chance now caps out at 250,000 experience per drop.
    • This only applies to limit tree runs giving an extremely high chance at clues and keys due to their extremely high XP drops
  • There is now a rare chance for Fire Spirits to drop crystal keys and clue scrolls
  • If you have the no potions handicap inside the dominion tower, it will remove any potion buffs you have before each fight.
  • The Random freeze, Random daze, and Slippery fingers handicaps will now still take effect if you’re safe-spotting the boss
  • There is now a small delay when you are killed in PVP before your damage toward your killer is reset, so if you kill them as they kill you, you will get each other's loots
  • Removed the beacon north of home, as it’s not used and kind of in the way


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Duel Arena to lock up the server if no-movement was turned on
  • The easter carrot now has the correct item ID in the POH costume room
  • The Modern gilded plate skirt is now correctly tradeable
  • Teleporting out of the QBD lair will now no longer reset your teleport to the QBD entrance
  • Updated the hint for the coordinate clue “13 degrees, 46 minutes north / 21 degrees, 01 minutes east” to correctly state which level of the wilderness it is in
  • Fixed an issue that would keep minigame interfaces open if you switched resizable modes with one open
  • Fixed an issue where if a fire was lit, but later destroyed, ashes would show up on the ground after the fire would despawn naturally. It now correctly removes the delay for the ashes entirely
  • A couple of teak trees on Etcetera will no longer both be chopped down together when chopping them
  • Replaced some incorrect examines for God Wars NPCs
  • You can now properly make scrolls with Granite Lobster pouches
  • The Ring of Life will no longer teleport you out of Controllers when you shouldn’t be able to teleport
  • There’s now an additional check when teleporting to make sure you’re not currently at 0 HP so you can’t teleport and die at home rather than wherever you were
  • Fixed a bug where unequipping a Gree Gree could duplicate it
  • Fixed the animation when jumping over the Wilderness wall
  • Fixed a typo when combining a Royal crossbow
  • The ball of pure energy now has an examine text
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