Auto-Updating Launcher (Recommended)
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This launcher will automatically update the BlissScape client and itself! Allowing you to quickly get back online after a server update! It is recommended for most users. It also has some useful links and information about the server. Log in with any new username or password to create an account.
Download Launcher
Direct Client Download (Not Recommended)
This is a direct download to the Client. Unlike the launcher, this will not automatically update so you will need to come back here and download it manually every time the client updates. This is only recommended if the launcher does not work on your computer for some reason. Check the troubleshooting section before downloading the direct client.
Download Direct Client
Troubleshooting: Client Not Working?
If you're having any issues connecting to the server this is where you want to be. If the .jar is trying to open as a ZIP file you need to download Java (linked below). Make sure to download 32 bit and 64 bit if you're on a 64 bit system and all old versions of Java are uninstalled. If you have the latest Java installed, but the client still won't open, download the JarFixer (linked below) - This should make .jar files open with Java. If you have Anti-Virus see the Anti-Virus thread here. If the launcher won't launch the client, but you're not getting any errors, restart your computer, reopen it, clear cache, and click play. Any other issues contact support on the Discord Server linked below.