Easter 2024 and New Staff!
Owner Tim posted on Mar 29th, 2024

Easter 2024

  • Easter has started on BlissScape! As usual the Easter bunny may need some help this year with some of his pesky rabbits! Talk to the Easter Bunny at home to find out more information - he may have a reward for you if you help him

  • Also happy Spring! The Spring sale has been enabled for the next week, 25% off everything in the store except subscriptions and points, if you’ve been eyeing that rank upgrade now’s the time!

New Staff

  • After much discussion, we’ve decided to add two new members to the staff team! Everyone offer your congratulations to Ball, and hze!

  • I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone, as they’re both long-term active, positive members of the community!

  • Staff applications will remain open even though we aren’t actively searching for staff. If you weren’t picked this time or didn’t get your application added in time, don’t worry—we’ll still be checking them for the next time we need to add more staff!

  • Last but not least, I’d also like to announce that our very own Bs has been upgraded to an Admin! Since he’s been staff for 3 years, it’s time he had a bit more responsibility! Send your congratulations to him as well!


Update Notes 3/14/24 - Boss Instances, Thieving Action, and Adjustments
Owner Tim posted on Mar 14th, 2024

Boss Instances

  • Boss instances have been added for all Godwars bosses, including Nex, as well as the Corporeal beast

  • Boss instances cost 1 million GP to create and last until you die or leave

  • You can create a solo, private, or public instance

    • Solo instances are self-explanatory; no other players may join your instance

    • Private instances require a password to join, which you create when creating the instance

    • Public instances mean anyone can join simply by typing the name of anyone already inside the instance

    • Players joining an instance, even if it was already created, are still required to pay the entry fee

    • The person who created the instance isn’t required to stay inside the instance to keep it alive; only when all players leave will the instance be destroyed

    • You are still required to pay to re-enter an instance you created/were already in if you die or leave

    • Each donator rank offers a 5% discount (additive) to the cost to enter an instance

      • Bronze is a 5% discount, Rune 10%, God 20%, etc.

      • The max discount with God (t) is 35% or a fee of 650k

  • I do plan on eventually adding instances for other possible bosses in the game, but adding them is very time-consuming as most bosses require many changes to make their static location mechanics work in instanced locations. 

    • Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just copying and pasting the boss!

    • Now that I have a system in place, future bosses should be easier to implement

Other Additions

  • Pickpocketing, like stealing from Stalls, is now an automatically repeating action

    • Your character will continue pickpocketing the NPC until you are caught

    • The chance to be caught depends on your Thieving level compared to the level required to pickpocket the NPC

    • Your character will track moving NPCs to continue pickpocketing

    • The seedicide will now destroy seeds from Master farmers but give no experience

  • Added a search item names option when searching the player-owned shop; rather than selecting a single item to search for, you can search for names/partial names, so you can type grimy and receive all grimy herbs

  • Monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon now have a 1/100 chance to drop a Ferocious Ring

    • The ring offers 5 teleports directly to Kuradal

    • While in Kuradal’s dungeon, while wielding the ring, a +40 boost will be added to all successful hits

  • The Slayer skillcape now has an option to teleport you to your last-used Slayer master

  • The Slayer master cape now has a teleport to your Slayer task as well as your last-used Slayer master

    • The Slayer Pet also has both teleport options and requires you to have the skillcape or master cape unlocked to use the respective teleports

  • Cockatrice now drop their eggs at a 1/10 rate

  • Spirit implings now give 25-50 noted cockatrice eggs instead of 1



  • Loot beam messages will no longer display the amount of an item dropped unless it is greater than one

  • The Artisan’s smithing message has been clarified about not having messages you can smith vs not having any at all

  • “S” has been added as an alias for the Slayer command

  • A higher Thieving level will now reduce the chance of failing on lower-level stalls

    • It’s balanced, so level 99 thieving is the same rate at the gem stall as before, where 95-98, you get caught slightly more

    • Lower-level stalls have a lower chance of being caught than before based on your Thieving level

  • Fletching Darts have had their XP increased to match normal Runescape amounts


Bug Fixes

  • Using the Ardougne Cloak when in your inventory to teleport to the Khandarin Monastery will no longer sometimes place you on an inaccessible tile

  • The option to see the amount of coins your coin magnet has picked up has been added back to tier 2-4 trinkets

  • Fixed several Slayer monsters that weren’t being counted towards their task

  • You can now properly store the entire Necromancer outfit in the Player-Owned Shop Magic Wardrobe

  • Selecting the quantity in the skills dialogue now works properly

  • Fixed a bug where decanting a single flask with 4-dose potions could cause the 4-dose potion to disappear without filling the flask

  • Fixed a bug where picking up a trap as something is caught could duplicate the trap


Update Notes 2/1/24 - D&D Rebalancing, Slayer Rework, & Suggestions!
Owner Tim posted on Feb 1st, 2024

D&D Changes and Rebalancing

  • All D&Ds will now scale based on the number of players actively interacting with them.

    • The formula is 6 / (players + 2)

    • This means a solo player will count as 2 players or twice the speed, 4 players will count as 4 players or the same as it is now, but 6 players will only count as 4.5 players, 8 players will count as 4.8 players, 10 players will count as 5 players, and so on, after 10 players the difference in speed each player adds is very small

    • The goal with this scaling is so during non-peak hours one or two people can still crack that star open, or kill an evil tree (even an elder) but at peak times like double XP where there could be 20+ people on a sphere, it won’t be siphoned to nothing in a matter of minutes, and nearly everyone will have a chance to get their full reward

    • This system is dynamic, meaning if you stop mining, the other players will start doing more damage again, and if more players start mining, the damage per player will go back down

    • To be clear, the amount of damage dealt has nothing to do with the amount of stardust/logs/impure ess you receive, nor does it affect the amount of XP you gain; it only changes how long the D&D will survive for

  • Evil Trees

    • Normal and Oak Evil trees now require at least 30 woodcutting to start, rather than 1 and 15, respectively

    • The speed of chopping/burning all Evil trees is now based on level 30, and all trees have the same base speed, regardless of the level required to chop/burn it

      • Higher-level trees still have more health than lower-level trees, but the difference is smaller than it used to be

      • The base speed still changes based on the number of fires lit, but equally for all trees

    • Higher-level trees still give more XP per burn/chop, but the difference is smaller than it used to be

  • Shooting Stars

    • Size 1-4 stars have had their XP boosted slightly

    • The XP from being the first to find the star has been slightly reduced

    • There is now a 1/8000 dust chance to receive a Dragon pickaxe when exchanging stardust

      • Since Skiller Ironmen can now receive a Dragon pickaxe, it is now required to complete the “Gilded” elite achievement

      • If the achievement was already completed before the update with a Rune pickaxe, it does not need to be completed again

  • You can now ask the Records keeper at Home to tell you your D&D information

    • He will tell you your total, and daily exchanges for each D&D

Slayer Rework

  • Don’t let the word rework scare you; the way you train Slayer won’t be changing a ton.

  • On the backend, Slayer has been completely rewritten, when I wrote Slayer over 10 years ago (before I even thought I would even release the server) I was only just learning to program, thus the methods I used to save and load data, and how you interact with it was… less than optimal.

    • On the front end it should feel almost the same to you, except it’s much more efficient for the server to do Slayer now! Plus the code is nice and clean in case I need to interact with it in the future

  • Now that the code is clean, I can work on it and I have! Many Slayer tasks now have more than one teleport location, especially popular ones where you may run in to other players

    • When you get a Slayer task, depending on the Slayer master you got it from, it will default to a specific location if you teleport to your task directly (such as Kuradal defaulting to her dungeon); however, you can change this by typing ::slayer task (index) to teleport to a different location of your choosing

      • After you do this once, ::slayer task will take you to your last-used location until you complete your task

    • When not on a task you can use the ::slayer (monster) command like usual, it will default to the first location, but you can type a number to teleport to the other locations

      • A ton more locations have already been added, but if your favorite location from 2012 Runescape isn’t in there, let me know and I can add it

      • You can see how many locations a slayer monster has in ::slayer list

    • Keep in mind that every location isn’t meant to be 100% peak efficiency, the different locations are more to add variation and space if more than a couple of people want to do the same task at the same time

    • Several previous locations have had their spawns moved around to improve this as well

  • Many monsters that didn’t count towards Slayer tasks now do - mainly NPCs you’d never try and kill for the task, but the data was ripped from the main game

    • The Noxious Demon now counts as a Black Demon, and the Noxious Dragon now counts as a black dragon as well


Other Additions

  • You can now store pets inside your Player Owned House Pet house and they will appear whenever you enter your house.

    • You can store pets that are items, but you can also select pets from the ::pets interface you’d like to display in your house; you and others will be able to examine them to get their information like when they’re following you

    • You are still able to spawn your pet through the pets interface, even if you have them displayed in your PoH, but a second will not be shown while you have the pet out

  • Gelatinous Abominations now have their combat animations

  • Harpie bug swarms now have their combat animations

  • Waterfiends can now attack with Magic and Ranged

  • Several other minor NPCs now have combat animations

  • The XP boost from the possessed pickaxe in the Lava Flow Mine will now show in the status effect timers under “Other buffs”

  • You can now ask Advisor Ghrim to deposit your Miscellania rewards into your House bank instead of your standard bank

  • You can now enter the tunnels under Lumbridge

    • You can follow Kazgar through to the mines, where Nardok now sells a bone crossbow and bone bolts, as well as the other bone weapons

  • You can now exchange D&D items with their respective D&D pet, so you don’t need to wait for a completed D&D to turn in your rewards

    • You are able to do this on others’ D&D pets as well

  • The Peek-in option now works on the entrance to the Corporeal beast

  • There’s now a settings option to disable the warning when entering the Corporeal beast’s lair

  • White and Black flowers have been added to the mystery box drop table

  • The House command now has “poh” as an alias

  • You can now mine the obsidian wall in the south-east mine of the Tzhaar area to get Stone slabs, only used to build the Volcanic habitat inside your PoH

  • The Holy wrench now boosts Super Restore’s prayer restore percentage

  • The Holy wrench now boosts Prayer renewal by giving it a 10% chance to restore 2 prayer points each tick, restoring 550 points on average over 5 minutes instead of 500



  • D&D pets will now give the respective skill’s skillcape perk when you have it out, but only if you have also unlocked the respective skill’s skilling pet as well

  • Turning in more D&D items with the boost already active will now add to your boost time rather than overwriting it

  • Removed the options to shift-tab and collapse tab from the first tab in the bank since they aren’t usable for that tab

  • Equipping anything but a weapon will no longer reset your Autocast spell if you’re not currently wearing a magic weapon

  • Making coconut milk is now an action, meaning you don’t have to use each broken coconut on an empty vial

  • Ava’s devices (and range/comp cape) now have a 50% chance to save chinchompas when thrown

  • Strykewyrms can now be investigated at a distance if you’re using range or magic attacks

    • Note that you will consume ammo/runes to awaken it without dealing damage

    • This does not apply to the Noxious Wyrm


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances, when collapsing a bank tab it could mess up empty bank placeholders

  • The Slippery fingers, Random freeze, and Random daze handicaps will no longer take effect if they send the warning before the fight is completed, but the boss is defeated before the effect is actually applied

  • The Lava Titan death animation has been corrected

  • Spirit Minotaur familiars’ primary attack is no longer glitchy

  • Fixed an issue where your Private chat mode and Friends chat mode could overwrite each other; they now work independently as they should.

  • The Antique Ring from the Crying Ghost room inside Dungeoneering dungeons is now tradeable and will no longer disappear if you log out while holding it

  • Fixed a bug where joining the Pest Control lander as it leaves would cause you to be left behind

  • The examine option when browsing another player’s Player Owned Shop now works again and there is now an examine option when browsing your own shop


Update Notes 12/05/23 - Fairy Rings, Status Effect Timers, and More QoL!
Owner Tim posted on Dec 5th, 2023


  • Fairy Rings have been fully added

    • You do not need a Dramen staff or Lunar staff to use the Fairy rings

    • All locations are unlocked by default

    • You can use the interface, or you can type in a code via the dialogue box

    • You can also just search for an area’s name

    • Fairy rings have been added to the donator zone, super donator zone, and chill zone with their own codes.

  • Status effect timers have been added under the Minimap area

    • They are toggled off by default, but can be enabled in their own Settings category in ::settings

    • You can also toggle off messages like “Your antifire is about to expire” and “Your antifire has expired”

    • Rewrote how status effects work on the server, making it much more consistent

    • Statuses that will show up include buffs like Overload, Prayer renewal, Bonfire boost, skilling boosts from D&Ds, anti-poison/fire etc.

    • Some debuffs will also show up, such as teleblock, prayer block, as well as usage cooldowns for things like Vecna’s skull and Vengeance.

    • This, unfortunately, does not show up in Fixed mode as there’s not enough space.

  • Bank Preset Changes

    • You can now save Familiar Beast of Burdens in your bank presets

    • You must have the same familiar summoned when you load the preset for the items to be added to its inventory, you cannot mix-match different types of Beast of Burden familiars

    • Updated the create preset dialogue to be more streamlined

      • You can toggle on/off saving inventory, equipment, beast of burden, or bags/pouches individually

    • Bronze rank or higher players can now use the preset command without having to open the bank first

      • The command is still limited just as the bank command is, meaning you cannot use it in combat, or certain areas, and is time-limited depending on rank

      • It shared the same cooldown as the ::bank command, so loading a preset will mean you can’t ::bank for a limited time just as if you used the ::bank command

      • The command essentially does ::bank first for you

  • You can now ask your POH servant to collect their fee automatically if you have the money in your pouch or inventory

    • You can also toggle this in ::settings -> Gameplay Settings

  • You can now craft tiaras by having an unenchanted tiara in your inventory and using a talisman on its specific Runecrafting altar

    • You can also create an Omni-tiara by using an Omni-Talisman on the Air altar

  • XP Lamp interactions have been updated

    • The XP lamp interface will no longer reset the selection when re-opening it, meaning you can quickly click Confirm again without having to re-select the skill

      • This won’t persist through login sessions however

    • Added a “Rub-previous” option to all XP lamps; this will use the lamp on your last-used skill

      • This will persist through login sessions, but you must use it normally at least once after this update for it to apply

    • The skill selection will now display how much XP you’ll get taking into account prestiges

    • After using an XP lamp, there will now be a chat message with what skill you used it on, and how much experience you gained.

  • Ivy, which can be chopped, is now growing on the South wall of the Edgeville bank

  • When chopping Evil tree roots with the Inferno adze, there is now a ⅓ chance the adze will instantly create a fire on the tree where the root was

    • This consumes 3 kindling from your inventory

    • If you do not have 3 kindling the effect will not occur

    • You will still gain Firemaking experience for lighting the fire

  • There is now a 1/40 chance (at full exchange, 1/8000 logs) to receive a Dragon hatchet when collecting rewards from an Evil Tree

    • This chance is mainly for Ironman skillers to have a source of a Dragon hatchet



  • Altars inside Dungeoneering Dungeons will now restore your Run energy as well as your Prayer

  • Nomad, Pest Queen, and Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni fights in the Dominion Tower now count for 3 kills in regards to refilling Dominion Tower gloves and Dreadnips

  • Decaying Avatar, Zenevivia, and Dagannoth Mother (Version 2) now count for 2 kills in regards to refilling Dominion Tower gloves and Dreadnips

  • The Dominion Tower Minigame spotlight weekend will now give both double dominion factor and double kill count for gloves, and dreadnips

  • Your Special Attack percentage will still be shown in the Combat Styles tab, even if you’re not holding a special weapon, the bar itself will not as to not confuse non-spec with spec weapons

    • Also added a setting in Gameplay Settings to enable messages in chat when your special attack restores to 50, and 100%

  • The “Your dreadnip has left” messages will now be shown after the Dreadnip’s death animation, rather than before, so you can summon a new one immediately when seeing the message

  • The Fires under the Noxious Demon, while he’s summoning a Flame portal, will now damage the player if they’re standing too close.

  • The Vecna skull now boosts magic higher to account for the combat rework changing how magic damage is calculated

  • Nomad’s defense has been reduced

  • The ::thieve and ::train commands will no longer give the Skills tab tip after your account has over 5 hours of gametime

  • Mining speed on Gem rocks has been reduced slightly

  • Forgotten Warrior’s armor defense has been reduced slightly

  • Gilded third-age armor’s color has been updated to better match standard gilded armor

    • The kite shield is now properly gilded when worn


Bug Fixes

  • Using the Dragon Scimitar special attack and other prayer-disabling sources will no longer disable non-protection prayers.

  • Skillers can now claim the Skiller’s scroll of solicitation from The BlissScape Guide again

  • Fixed some pathing issues with Hunter NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where Nex could potentially teleport out of her arena

  • Fixed an issue where a Summoning Familiar wouldn’t despawn after its time ran out

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause manually cast magic attacks to not be cast on players

  • Updated some old links on the client to the correct location on the new website

  • Fixed a bug where double, or triple-clicking a single item in the bank would try and withdraw the item in the next slot as well


Update Notes 9/22/23 - New Tutorial System
Owner Tim posted on Sep 22nd, 2023

New Tutorial System

  • This system may be redundant for most of you, but as we get closer to the end of the year, we’re hitting peak RSPS season! We’ve already had an influx of new players lately, thanks to, in part, by a few players spending more in the shop, allowing me to get various new ads!

  • I’ve been paying attention to new players and what would help them get started quicker and hopefully stick around longer!

  • Rather than having one information dump on Tutorial Island, which most people don’t bother reading, I’ve created a bit of a questing system to treat it more like a tutorial quest.

  • Most importantly, the “quest” is separated into many mini-quests, called Newcomer quests, which you can do in any order.

  • New players will also have the option to skip them entirely if they prefer to explore on their own.

  • The hope is by only showing the player information about what they actually want to do in the moment, they’re more likely to pay attention, plus, with a few options of what to do, they’ll hopefully stick around to find something they like.

  • The system is very expandable, so I plan on adding more of these tutorial quests in the future, but for now, I’ve just added some basics:

    • Main Tutorial Quest (Select game/mode)

    • Basic Combat Training

    • Money Making (Slayer)

    • Money Making (Thieving)

    • The Server’s Settings Options

  • The quests will be Completionist cape requirements, so if you already have a comp cape, have fun learning how to play the game for the first time! (They’re not long)

    • Talk to the BlissScape guide to get a Newcomer scroll to start the quests


Other Additions

  • Added a toggle in Warnings Received Settings for whether you want to see the “Don’t ask again” options on warning dialogues

    • You can always toggle the warnings on/off in the settings panel, this just removes the “Don’t ask again” third option when a warning does appear for those warnings that you do want to keep on

  • Turael can now override any Slayer task from another master.

    • This does not reset your streak or cost any points.

  • When running more than one client, setting a Menu Entry Swapper swap will now reload the data from other clients before overwriting them, meaning you don’t have to worry about erasing data from one client with another



  • Adjusted some Home NPCs

    • The BlissScape guide will now only function as a way of getting the Newcomer scroll.

    • The Wise Old Man will now change your game mode and reset your account

    • A new NPC at home, The Records keeper, can now tell you your game-time/creation date, sell you a Veterans cape, or sell you a Collection log

      • Removed the ::creationdate command as it is redundant with the Records keeper at home, which is a more elegant solution.

  • Removed the Home altar, Crystal chest, and POS clerks from the Dz, SDZ, and CZ

    • The goal with this is to spread out the player base less. The goal is for the Server Home to be the home-base for all players, not just the F2P ones.

    • To avoid players having to wait to open the chest, the already-open chest now has an open option, meaning multiple players can open the chest simultaneously without issue.

    • The delay when opening the chest has also been reduced, allowing you to use all your keys faster.

    • These changes also apply to the Muddy chest.

  • Removed the bench at home and shifted things around a bit to feel less cramped

  • Crystal Keys and Clue Scrolls from Skilling have been made a bit rarer but last on the floor for quite a bit longer.

    • The goal with this is to keep the number of Crystal keys and clues you actually pick up to be about the same but not require you to pick them up right away and not see as many messages with nothing on the ground.

  • Clue scrolls have been made slightly rarer across the board

  • You will now get a warning message when Collapsing bank tabs

  • There are now options to move bank tabs to the left or right for easier organization

  • Mystery box and chest messages will now display the number of times you’ve received an item to just you if the drop wasn’t rare.

  • Semi-rare drops will now only be announced every 50 after the first 50 drops and only every 100 after the first 500 drops.

  • Extra pets, including Boss, Skill, and D&D will now be announced with the number you’ve received. Boss and D&D pets are considered rare and will always announce, while Skill pets are considered Semi-rare (because they increase in probability with prestiges)

  • Star sprites and Balls of Pure Energy now have right-click Claim-reward options.

  • Your ::back tile will no longer be set when being teleported to a Random event, since you’ll be sent back there anyway after completing the random.

  • The method to get on to the Island east of the Ogre City has been changed to the cave-entrance south-west of the city, like it is in real Runescape

  • Cleaned up some data loading code, which should remove a few lag spikes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Make-X and Make-All options being switched in the Summoning Interface

  • The Make-X option on the Dungeoneering Smithing interface now works again

  • Swapped the models of the Astral and Chaos Runesphere so they appear in the correct order.

  • Fixed Barrows not being properly reset when teleporting directly from the crypt to the surface or using the ropes.

  • Fixed a Typo in one of the Achievements description

  • Crafting Granite Lobster pouches will no longer try to consume the granite chunks twice

  • Ganodermic beasts, as well as any other monster that attacks at range but also chooses to walk toward the player will now properly attack when not in melee range

  • You can now properly Pull puzzle objects in Dungeoneering

  • Login messages will no longer be shown to just you if you have the setting toggled off

  • Blocked messages that do still get sent to you will now properly remove the title before “You have” from the message

  • You can no longer deplete the Vile Fish resource inside the Fishing Ferret puzzle room inside Dungeons

  • Some melee NPCs that could attack over fences that shouldn’t, now can’t

    • Also improved some projectile clipping code, when ranging larger NPCs you should be able to hit them even if some of them is partially blocked by an object


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