Update Notes 3/14/24 - Boss Instances, Thieving Action, and Adjustments
Owner Tim posted on Mar 14th, 2024

Boss Instances

  • Boss instances have been added for all Godwars bosses, including Nex, as well as the Corporeal beast

  • Boss instances cost 1 million GP to create and last until you die or leave

  • You can create a solo, private, or public instance

    • Solo instances are self-explanatory; no other players may join your instance

    • Private instances require a password to join, which you create when creating the instance

    • Public instances mean anyone can join simply by typing the name of anyone already inside the instance

    • Players joining an instance, even if it was already created, are still required to pay the entry fee

    • The person who created the instance isn’t required to stay inside the instance to keep it alive; only when all players leave will the instance be destroyed

    • You are still required to pay to re-enter an instance you created/were already in if you die or leave

    • Each donator rank offers a 5% discount (additive) to the cost to enter an instance

      • Bronze is a 5% discount, Rune 10%, God 20%, etc.

      • The max discount with God (t) is 35% or a fee of 650k

  • I do plan on eventually adding instances for other possible bosses in the game, but adding them is very time-consuming as most bosses require many changes to make their static location mechanics work in instanced locations. 

    • Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just copying and pasting the boss!

    • Now that I have a system in place, future bosses should be easier to implement

Other Additions

  • Pickpocketing, like stealing from Stalls, is now an automatically repeating action

    • Your character will continue pickpocketing the NPC until you are caught

    • The chance to be caught depends on your Thieving level compared to the level required to pickpocket the NPC

    • Your character will track moving NPCs to continue pickpocketing

    • The seedicide will now destroy seeds from Master farmers but give no experience

  • Added a search item names option when searching the player-owned shop; rather than selecting a single item to search for, you can search for names/partial names, so you can type grimy and receive all grimy herbs

  • Monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon now have a 1/100 chance to drop a Ferocious Ring

    • The ring offers 5 teleports directly to Kuradal

    • While in Kuradal’s dungeon, while wielding the ring, a +40 boost will be added to all successful hits

  • The Slayer skillcape now has an option to teleport you to your last-used Slayer master

  • The Slayer master cape now has a teleport to your Slayer task as well as your last-used Slayer master

    • The Slayer Pet also has both teleport options and requires you to have the skillcape or master cape unlocked to use the respective teleports

  • Cockatrice now drop their eggs at a 1/10 rate

  • Spirit implings now give 25-50 noted cockatrice eggs instead of 1



  • Loot beam messages will no longer display the amount of an item dropped unless it is greater than one

  • The Artisan’s smithing message has been clarified about not having messages you can smith vs not having any at all

  • “S” has been added as an alias for the Slayer command

  • A higher Thieving level will now reduce the chance of failing on lower-level stalls

    • It’s balanced, so level 99 thieving is the same rate at the gem stall as before, where 95-98, you get caught slightly more

    • Lower-level stalls have a lower chance of being caught than before based on your Thieving level

  • Fletching Darts have had their XP increased to match normal Runescape amounts


Bug Fixes

  • Using the Ardougne Cloak when in your inventory to teleport to the Khandarin Monastery will no longer sometimes place you on an inaccessible tile

  • The option to see the amount of coins your coin magnet has picked up has been added back to tier 2-4 trinkets

  • Fixed several Slayer monsters that weren’t being counted towards their task

  • You can now properly store the entire Necromancer outfit in the Player-Owned Shop Magic Wardrobe

  • Selecting the quantity in the skills dialogue now works properly

  • Fixed a bug where decanting a single flask with 4-dose potions could cause the 4-dose potion to disappear without filling the flask

  • Fixed a bug where picking up a trap as something is caught could duplicate the trap


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