Update Notes 5/30/24 - Remaining Boss Instances, QoL, and Bug Fixes
Owner Tim posted on May 30th, 2024


  • Added Boss Instances for the remaining bosses; they work just like the other boss instances added previously

    • Kalphite Queen

    • Dagannoth Kings

    • Giant Mole

    • King Black Dragon

  • Dying in a Boss Instance will now send any Death overflow items or Beast of Burden items to the entrance to the instance rather than being dropped inside the instance

  • Added the “Bug Buster” title for players who submit many high-quality bug reports

  • Added Veteran Voter Titles up to Veteran Voter V

    • Shoutout to Eren Yager for having a 3 year streak!

  • Added many missing items from the “Other” category in the collection log

    • Including adding the three Clue scroll tiers

  • Added status effect displays for the ::bank command and the ::empty command cooldowns

    • You can enable these in ::settings -> Status Effects Display Settings


  • Ultimate Ironman can now add items to their Player Owned Shops but are unable to withdraw them again; removing them will delete the item

  • All Ironmen will no longer get the option to enter the price of an item in the Player Owned Shops; instead, they will get a confirmation about putting them up for free

  • Attempting to log in to your account when it’s already logged in, but AFK will now automatically kick the account and allow you to log in from a new location.

  • Changed the rate of Ferocious Ring drops in Kuradal’s dungeon to 1/250

    • Ferocious Rings will not drop if you’re already wearing one

  • Vials will no longer be destroyed when manually potion flasks by default

  • Empty vials will always be destroyed when manually decanting if the Auto-destroy option is set to true

  • Removed hair from Green Party Hats

  • Improved Hair-Shrinking code when wearing mask-type items

  • Made the Silver necklace from the Silver stall tradable

  • Using Superheat item on Iron ore with your coal bag that contains coal in your inventory will now smelt steel bars instead of iron bars until you run out of coal

  • Added Spirit weeds with a stock of 0 to the Spice Shop in Ardougne

Bug Fixes

  • D&D boosts will now properly stack rather than being overwritten if you give a smaller D&D reward with the boost still active

  • Fixed the News search option on the website; it now properly handles spaces/special characters, and the Older/Newer buttons no longer reset your search

  • Fixed the Title on the Player Owned Shop Search interface to no longer sometimes show *null* and will now display whether you’re searching to buy/sell the searched items

  • Fixed an issue where ghost versions of some older player’s shop would still show up in search in an outdated/inaccurate state

    • A few ghost versions may still exist, but they’ll eventually update, and no more ghost versions will be created

  • Removed a button from the Tier IV smelting interface that shouldn’t have been there

  • Removed “DLS” from the Fairy Ring network as it did not exist in this version of Runescape

  • Mining in Dungeoneering will no longer prevent you from mining stackable ores with a full inventory if you already have that ore type in your inventory

  • Lower-level Trolls and Adolescent White Wolves now count towards their respective Slayer task

  • Increased the time before Kal’ger the Warmonger will throw you into the lava if he can’t attack you to prevent him from doing it during normal combat

  • The stairs on Braindeath Island now work properly

  • Fixed the staircases in Varrock

  • Fixed the Starsprite (and the other D&D pets) announcement messages, adding an extra to the collection log

  • Fixed Manual Bonfire lighting being slightly faster

  • Fixed plural for "Stuff"

  • Removed "Offering" achievement from skillers

  • Made it so TDs can attack from a distance again, and made them periodically change targets if more than one person is fighting it (How it's supposed to work)

  • SDZ and DZ penguins will no longer get stuck inside the center building

  • The Construction/Hunter level-up sound effects have been swapped, as they were incorrectly swapped before

  • Early tier coifs in Dungeoneering will now properly show the chin


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