New Website!
Owner Tim posted on Apr 19th, 2023

Welcome to the New Website!

  • I've been working on this website transition for over a year now. It's taken massive infrastructure changes to how the server works to accomplish, but now website accounts and in-game accounts are one and the same. We are no longer using Enjin in any capacity. 


  • All you have to do to "register" on the new site is connect an email to your account, you'll then be able to take advantage of the website's new features. Once you register you'll use your email to log in in-game as well. For security reasons and for future features I'm requiring this - that's why I wanted to make sure I added username saving by default in the Client beforehand!


  • Things like name changes and password changes are now handled on the website under your account settings.


  • Voting and the Web shop will now use your account automatically, rather than having to type in a username, and they've also been completely redesigned!


  • On the site and in-game I've removed most references to "Donations" as they're more like purchases and I want to be consistent. So Donator Ranks are now just Ranks, Donation Points are now Bliss Points, etc. A notable exception is Donator Zones, since naming them anything else wouldn't be the same!


  • Some data from Enjin will be transferred over, mainly your total donated amount so if you want that to transfer automatically there's still time to ::linkenjin with your old Enjin account, but that will only be around until the end of the month. I'll be saving as much data from Enjin as I can, so it won't be lost if you don't link in time.


  • I've still got lots of features planned for the new site - so keep an eye out for new features!


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