Update Notes 5/11/23 Post-Website Cleanup/Qol
Owner Tim posted on May 11th, 2023

Now that the update is for the most part fully functioning I'm able to focus on in-game changes! I'll be working on the new Forums in the background over the next couple of months, but I want to get some content out on the server! Before the next major update, I wanted to get some bug fixes and QoL changes that have been piling up while I was working on the website, so enjoy!

I've started a poll in the polls section of the Discord vote on what you think the next major update should be!



  • Adjusted how inactive names work

    • Accounts will be considered inactive depending on their total level where 1 year is equivalent to 1,000 total level

    • This means if you have 2,500 total level your account will be considered inactive after 2 years and 6 months

    • If you have a total level of 250, you’d be considered inactive after 3 months.

    • It counts for prestiges, so up to 5000 total level would be 5 years

    • After 5 years all accounts are considered inactive

    • No account will be considered inactive before 2 months

    • Just like before, if your account is inactive and you sign into it, nothing happens; your account is no longer inactive

    • If someone takes your name during the inactive period, you’ll be given a placeholder name but can still log in with your original name (or email)

    • You’ll be able to select a new name easily with the ::getnewname command

      • This command is only for changing names if you have a placeholder name; normal name changes are handled on the website

    • If you accidentally steal your own name when trying to log in to your inactive account, you can have an admin remove that account so you can change your name back

  • The Noxious Scythe will now hit 3 times on NPCs size 3 and larger, 2 times on NPCs size 2, and once on NPCs size 1

    • However if one of the hits misses, it won’t do a check for the next one, meaning if the first hit misses, it won’t check the next two; if the second one misses it won’t check the third, etc.

    • I believe this is a much better balance

  • The first option on Gatestones and Group Gatestones has been changed to Drop.

    • Shift-clicking will switch it to Use

  • Combat Familiars will now be much faster to attack a target while you’re in combat.

  • Telling your Familiar to attack a target or telling your familiar to use a special attack on a target will no longer interrupt your current action such as combat

  • The Herbicide, Bonecrusher, and Ash Sanctifier now have the option (disabled by default) to destroy the noted versions of their respective items for no experience

    • This is just to help clear the area of junk drops

  • Sergeant Grimspike’s shark drop is now unnoted and ranges from 2-3 sharks

  • Made it so Cyrisus’s protection shield will wait until he’s finished his last action before activating so it doesn’t get interrupted. There’s still plenty of time before the flame comes

    • Also gave him an animation when creating it

  • Dying while in the Noxious Demon instance with a full Death storage will now place any extra items outside the cave, rather than being lost inside the instance

  • Dying with a Beast of Burden in any instance or unreachable location will now drop the Beast of Burden items outside the instance/area the same as any of your items that Death couldn’t hold

  • After saving items with the Summoning Skillcape perk, any pouches that couldn’t fit in your inventory will now be dropped to the ground rather than being lost.

  • Added some spiders to the island east of Yanille

  • The Mercenary's gloves from the Dungeoneering Reward shop now have 15 range attack.

  • Teleporting out of Pyramid Plunder will no longer force you outside

  • Bunny ears will no longer shrink your hairstyle

  • The low-level trolls at the Mountain camp now have animations

  • D&D Notifications will no longer show up on server restart

    • This is intended to remove any confusion of D&Ds respawning on server restart such as the LRP if it was still alive

  • “Lrp” and “rok” have been added to the aliases for the Teleport to Living Rock Caverns command

  • The “quit” command will now bring up the Leave-party dialogue inside of Dungeons

  • The pickaxe inside the rock in the Bulwark beast boss room is now grabbable

  • (h1) - (h5) skirts can now be stored alongside the rest of the armor inside the POH costume room

  • High-level Pest Portals now properly have 2500 life points and have been given a bit of defence

  • The god staves can now be stored in the weapons rack in the POH costume room

  • The god croziers have been moved to the weapon rack in the POH costume room since they’re technically weapons


Bug Fixes

  • Disconnecting in a Dungeon no longer removes your multi-combat state for the remainder of the Dungeon.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes teleporting your house would return an error and not allow you to teleport

  • The new-look style ZGS and BGS now properly only require 50% special attack to use like their counterparts.

  • Fixed a typo with Dagannoth Sentinels

  • The Gilded 3rd Age kite shield is now tradable

  • Spam Clicking Fire spirits will no longer sometimes give double rewards

  • Logging in and rejoining your last used Guest clan will no longer bypass any of the clan settings, such as bans or no longer allowing guests to visit

  • Potentially fixed a rare bug that would cause items to disappear if your inventory was full when claiming items from your POS collection box

  • Priest gowns are now properly tradable

  • Barrows helms that were showing chins, that shouldn’t, now don’t.

  • Fixed an issue with Slayer Dialogue where the Wilderness Warning would get canceled so you couldn’t teleport via the dialogue.

  • The banker on Jatizso is now accessible.

  • Fixed an issue where jumping out of the way of an obstacle in The Brimhaven Arena didn’t properly cancel other actions, which could cause strange results

  • The middle ladders in The Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold now work

  • Fixed several issues with the highscores after all the website changes, mainly a few errors if you click on certain players/bosses in certain situations

  • Opening a Player Owned Shop right after a trade will no longer leave the “Trade Modified” warning on the interface

  • Teclyn, the elf near the Farming patch in Lletya now properly shows up on the map

  • Teleporting out of the Barrows crypt while the screen is shaking into another area with a controller will no longer leave your screen shaking

  • Fixed a clue step hint for Rantz’s cave. It now properly says the cave is East of Feldip hills

  • Some Avianses that were using incorrect animations have been fixed

    • All Aviansee’s projectiles now come from the correct height

  • The Pirate hat and Camel mask can now properly be stored in the Costume box in the POH Costume room


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