Update Notes 3/2/23
Owner Tim posted on Mar 2nd, 2023

Mainly a QOL and bugfix update this month, as I'm still working on the website. It's coming along nicely, and I'll be ready to start introducing you guys to it soon!



  • Added an “Action Queue” system
    • It’ll queue up an action if you try to perform one while your character is in a locked state and will execute the action if your character is unlocked shortly after
    • This is to prevent those “Hey, I thought I clicked that” moments while playing
    • You’ll find this most noticeable in situations like clicking on something while finishing a teleport or clicking on the next agility obstacle before you’ve completely finished the one you’re on
    • Queueable actions include
      • Walking
      • Clicking on NPCs
      • Clicking on Objects
      • Clicking on ground items
      • Clicking on things in your inventory
      • And several other various actions
    • It’s actually pretty amazing how much smoother the server feels with this system in place
    • It’ll only queue up one action at a time, and will only execute if you’re unlocked within a few game-ticks
  • The Monster Examine spell on the Lunar spellbook now works
    • You can use this to double-check a monster's weakness and confirm that their stats are correct after the Combat rework - report any errors!
  • Added the Candle-maker’s shop in Catherby
  • You can also now light and extinguish white and black candles
  • The Ectoplasmator combined with the Prayer restore necklaces from Dungeoneering will now restore prayer based on the necklace and tier of spectral creature comparable to the Ash Sanctifier and Bonecrusher
  • Added additional xp milestone announcements for milestones up to 4 billion 1x rate xps
  • Checking your Slayer task with a gem or your slayer helmet will now also give you your reaper task information
    • If you don’t have a reaper task, it will tell you how many more tasks you can do today



  • The way the Noxious Scythe decides what hits to deal has changed slightly
    • The cone of influence has shrunk a bit, but if you hit a larger enemy you’re guaranteed to do the maximum number of hits, regardless of angle (assuming you don’t hit another NPC first)
    • The maximum number of hits is now 1 for a size 1 enemy, 2 for both size 2 and size 3 enemies, and 3 for size 4+ enemies
      • You can combine hits over multiple enemies up to a maximum of 3 per swing
      • This change is to reduce the number of areas the Scythe is best-in-slot, like a lot of slayer tasks, while keeping it best-in-slot for the larger bosses as intended
    • These changes aren’t set in stone, and I’m open to feedback
  • Dungeoneering NPC levels and bonuses will now drop off faster relative to their combat level, meaning higher-level bosses won’t be as strong, but lower-level NPCs should be about the same
  • Removed a duplicate Rubber chicken from the POS search table
  • You can no longer set up a cannon in the Jadinko lair, as it conflicts with the roots spawning
  • Super antifire, Recover specials, and Super prayer potions are now all tradable again
  • (or) and (sp) armor are now tradable, so you don’t have to split them before trading them
  • If an object (Such as rocks falling from LRP) lands on a Cannon, it will be destroyed and must be reclaimed from Suak
  • You can no longer light fires on top of cannons or place cannons on top of fires
  • Abbot Langley can now enchant full inventories of jewelry for skillers, rather than just one at a time. Just talk to him instead of using an item on him.
  • The Bandos and Zamorak Godswords now both consume 50% Special attack energy rather than 100%
  • The Skeletal Minions in the Necrolord boss fight now block your attacks and movement and have their combat animations
  • Added some Moss giants near level 35 wilderness
  • Building a Fencing ring inside your POH combat room now properly requires 41 Construction to build
  • You can no longer attack while performing an emote
  • Moved Vanessa’s (The farming shop) spawn location to the west
    • This should keep her from wandering behind her shop

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Roc in the Dominion tower now properly attacks at range again
  • Icefiends on Ice Mountain are no longer bugged out
  • Nomad’s wrath attack will no longer still damage you if you or Nomad die before it finishes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Traps in the POH to boost your Agility, rather than reducing it
  • You can no longer light normal fires next to the Evil Tree, causing its root spawning to bug out
  • Roots spawning on the Evil tree now push back every player standing on the tile, preventing multiple roots from spawning on the same tile
  • Crafting bolas now properly requires two Excrescence and one mutated vine
  • You no longer get an error when trying to summon a Dreadfowl
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes, when resetting a hunter trap, you could accidentally get a duplicate trap in your inventory
  • Fixed several bugs in Dominion Tower where friendly NPCs attacked you instead of the boss, mainly Pest Queen and Zenevivia
    • Also, the Void knights will now celebrate the victory if the Pest queen is defeated!
  • Your personal Gatestone will no longer show up to other players on death inside a Dungeon
  • Teleporting to your Gatestone with a full inventory will no longer leave the inactive Gatestone on the ground
  • You can no longer spam-click hunter traps inside Dungeoneering to place more than you should, and you can no longer place them on top of each other.
  • The Ardougne Monastery teleport will no longer sometimes put you behind between some rocks you can’t walk out of
  • Activating a prayer with an animation while performing certain emotes will no longer bug out
  • Fixed a bug in Death’s dialogue that would keep the Dialogue interface open in some cases
  • Fixed many Force Movement mechanics where the player would face the wrong direction or the timing was off
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