Update Notes 12/05/23 - Fairy Rings, Status Effect Timers, and More QoL!
Owner Tim posted on Dec 5th, 2023


  • Fairy Rings have been fully added

    • You do not need a Dramen staff or Lunar staff to use the Fairy rings

    • All locations are unlocked by default

    • You can use the interface, or you can type in a code via the dialogue box

    • You can also just search for an area’s name

    • Fairy rings have been added to the donator zone, super donator zone, and chill zone with their own codes.

  • Status effect timers have been added under the Minimap area

    • They are toggled off by default, but can be enabled in their own Settings category in ::settings

    • You can also toggle off messages like “Your antifire is about to expire” and “Your antifire has expired”

    • Rewrote how status effects work on the server, making it much more consistent

    • Statuses that will show up include buffs like Overload, Prayer renewal, Bonfire boost, skilling boosts from D&Ds, anti-poison/fire etc.

    • Some debuffs will also show up, such as teleblock, prayer block, as well as usage cooldowns for things like Vecna’s skull and Vengeance.

    • This, unfortunately, does not show up in Fixed mode as there’s not enough space.

  • Bank Preset Changes

    • You can now save Familiar Beast of Burdens in your bank presets

    • You must have the same familiar summoned when you load the preset for the items to be added to its inventory, you cannot mix-match different types of Beast of Burden familiars

    • Updated the create preset dialogue to be more streamlined

      • You can toggle on/off saving inventory, equipment, beast of burden, or bags/pouches individually

    • Bronze rank or higher players can now use the preset command without having to open the bank first

      • The command is still limited just as the bank command is, meaning you cannot use it in combat, or certain areas, and is time-limited depending on rank

      • It shared the same cooldown as the ::bank command, so loading a preset will mean you can’t ::bank for a limited time just as if you used the ::bank command

      • The command essentially does ::bank first for you

  • You can now ask your POH servant to collect their fee automatically if you have the money in your pouch or inventory

    • You can also toggle this in ::settings -> Gameplay Settings

  • You can now craft tiaras by having an unenchanted tiara in your inventory and using a talisman on its specific Runecrafting altar

    • You can also create an Omni-tiara by using an Omni-Talisman on the Air altar

  • XP Lamp interactions have been updated

    • The XP lamp interface will no longer reset the selection when re-opening it, meaning you can quickly click Confirm again without having to re-select the skill

      • This won’t persist through login sessions however

    • Added a “Rub-previous” option to all XP lamps; this will use the lamp on your last-used skill

      • This will persist through login sessions, but you must use it normally at least once after this update for it to apply

    • The skill selection will now display how much XP you’ll get taking into account prestiges

    • After using an XP lamp, there will now be a chat message with what skill you used it on, and how much experience you gained.

  • Ivy, which can be chopped, is now growing on the South wall of the Edgeville bank

  • When chopping Evil tree roots with the Inferno adze, there is now a ⅓ chance the adze will instantly create a fire on the tree where the root was

    • This consumes 3 kindling from your inventory

    • If you do not have 3 kindling the effect will not occur

    • You will still gain Firemaking experience for lighting the fire

  • There is now a 1/40 chance (at full exchange, 1/8000 logs) to receive a Dragon hatchet when collecting rewards from an Evil Tree

    • This chance is mainly for Ironman skillers to have a source of a Dragon hatchet



  • Altars inside Dungeoneering Dungeons will now restore your Run energy as well as your Prayer

  • Nomad, Pest Queen, and Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni fights in the Dominion Tower now count for 3 kills in regards to refilling Dominion Tower gloves and Dreadnips

  • Decaying Avatar, Zenevivia, and Dagannoth Mother (Version 2) now count for 2 kills in regards to refilling Dominion Tower gloves and Dreadnips

  • The Dominion Tower Minigame spotlight weekend will now give both double dominion factor and double kill count for gloves, and dreadnips

  • Your Special Attack percentage will still be shown in the Combat Styles tab, even if you’re not holding a special weapon, the bar itself will not as to not confuse non-spec with spec weapons

    • Also added a setting in Gameplay Settings to enable messages in chat when your special attack restores to 50, and 100%

  • The “Your dreadnip has left” messages will now be shown after the Dreadnip’s death animation, rather than before, so you can summon a new one immediately when seeing the message

  • The Fires under the Noxious Demon, while he’s summoning a Flame portal, will now damage the player if they’re standing too close.

  • The Vecna skull now boosts magic higher to account for the combat rework changing how magic damage is calculated

  • Nomad’s defense has been reduced

  • The ::thieve and ::train commands will no longer give the Skills tab tip after your account has over 5 hours of gametime

  • Mining speed on Gem rocks has been reduced slightly

  • Forgotten Warrior’s armor defense has been reduced slightly

  • Gilded third-age armor’s color has been updated to better match standard gilded armor

    • The kite shield is now properly gilded when worn


Bug Fixes

  • Using the Dragon Scimitar special attack and other prayer-disabling sources will no longer disable non-protection prayers.

  • Skillers can now claim the Skiller’s scroll of solicitation from The BlissScape Guide again

  • Fixed some pathing issues with Hunter NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where Nex could potentially teleport out of her arena

  • Fixed an issue where a Summoning Familiar wouldn’t despawn after its time ran out

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause manually cast magic attacks to not be cast on players

  • Updated some old links on the client to the correct location on the new website

  • Fixed a bug where double, or triple-clicking a single item in the bank would try and withdraw the item in the next slot as well


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