Update Notes 9/22/23 - New Tutorial System
Owner Tim posted on Sep 22nd, 2023

New Tutorial System

  • This system may be redundant for most of you, but as we get closer to the end of the year, we’re hitting peak RSPS season! We’ve already had an influx of new players lately, thanks to, in part, by a few players spending more in the shop, allowing me to get various new ads!

  • I’ve been paying attention to new players and what would help them get started quicker and hopefully stick around longer!

  • Rather than having one information dump on Tutorial Island, which most people don’t bother reading, I’ve created a bit of a questing system to treat it more like a tutorial quest.

  • Most importantly, the “quest” is separated into many mini-quests, called Newcomer quests, which you can do in any order.

  • New players will also have the option to skip them entirely if they prefer to explore on their own.

  • The hope is by only showing the player information about what they actually want to do in the moment, they’re more likely to pay attention, plus, with a few options of what to do, they’ll hopefully stick around to find something they like.

  • The system is very expandable, so I plan on adding more of these tutorial quests in the future, but for now, I’ve just added some basics:

    • Main Tutorial Quest (Select game/mode)

    • Basic Combat Training

    • Money Making (Slayer)

    • Money Making (Thieving)

    • The Server’s Settings Options

  • The quests will be Completionist cape requirements, so if you already have a comp cape, have fun learning how to play the game for the first time! (They’re not long)

    • Talk to the BlissScape guide to get a Newcomer scroll to start the quests


Other Additions

  • Added a toggle in Warnings Received Settings for whether you want to see the “Don’t ask again” options on warning dialogues

    • You can always toggle the warnings on/off in the settings panel, this just removes the “Don’t ask again” third option when a warning does appear for those warnings that you do want to keep on

  • Turael can now override any Slayer task from another master.

    • This does not reset your streak or cost any points.

  • When running more than one client, setting a Menu Entry Swapper swap will now reload the data from other clients before overwriting them, meaning you don’t have to worry about erasing data from one client with another



  • Adjusted some Home NPCs

    • The BlissScape guide will now only function as a way of getting the Newcomer scroll.

    • The Wise Old Man will now change your game mode and reset your account

    • A new NPC at home, The Records keeper, can now tell you your game-time/creation date, sell you a Veterans cape, or sell you a Collection log

      • Removed the ::creationdate command as it is redundant with the Records keeper at home, which is a more elegant solution.

  • Removed the Home altar, Crystal chest, and POS clerks from the Dz, SDZ, and CZ

    • The goal with this is to spread out the player base less. The goal is for the Server Home to be the home-base for all players, not just the F2P ones.

    • To avoid players having to wait to open the chest, the already-open chest now has an open option, meaning multiple players can open the chest simultaneously without issue.

    • The delay when opening the chest has also been reduced, allowing you to use all your keys faster.

    • These changes also apply to the Muddy chest.

  • Removed the bench at home and shifted things around a bit to feel less cramped

  • Crystal Keys and Clue Scrolls from Skilling have been made a bit rarer but last on the floor for quite a bit longer.

    • The goal with this is to keep the number of Crystal keys and clues you actually pick up to be about the same but not require you to pick them up right away and not see as many messages with nothing on the ground.

  • Clue scrolls have been made slightly rarer across the board

  • You will now get a warning message when Collapsing bank tabs

  • There are now options to move bank tabs to the left or right for easier organization

  • Mystery box and chest messages will now display the number of times you’ve received an item to just you if the drop wasn’t rare.

  • Semi-rare drops will now only be announced every 50 after the first 50 drops and only every 100 after the first 500 drops.

  • Extra pets, including Boss, Skill, and D&D will now be announced with the number you’ve received. Boss and D&D pets are considered rare and will always announce, while Skill pets are considered Semi-rare (because they increase in probability with prestiges)

  • Star sprites and Balls of Pure Energy now have right-click Claim-reward options.

  • Your ::back tile will no longer be set when being teleported to a Random event, since you’ll be sent back there anyway after completing the random.

  • The method to get on to the Island east of the Ogre City has been changed to the cave-entrance south-west of the city, like it is in real Runescape

  • Cleaned up some data loading code, which should remove a few lag spikes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Make-X and Make-All options being switched in the Summoning Interface

  • The Make-X option on the Dungeoneering Smithing interface now works again

  • Swapped the models of the Astral and Chaos Runesphere so they appear in the correct order.

  • Fixed Barrows not being properly reset when teleporting directly from the crypt to the surface or using the ropes.

  • Fixed a Typo in one of the Achievements description

  • Crafting Granite Lobster pouches will no longer try to consume the granite chunks twice

  • Ganodermic beasts, as well as any other monster that attacks at range but also chooses to walk toward the player will now properly attack when not in melee range

  • You can now properly Pull puzzle objects in Dungeoneering

  • Login messages will no longer be shown to just you if you have the setting toggled off

  • Blocked messages that do still get sent to you will now properly remove the title before “You have” from the message

  • You can no longer deplete the Vile Fish resource inside the Fishing Ferret puzzle room inside Dungeons

  • Some melee NPCs that could attack over fences that shouldn’t, now can’t

    • Also improved some projectile clipping code, when ranging larger NPCs you should be able to hit them even if some of them is partially blocked by an object


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