Update Notes 8/11/23 - Biggest QoL Update Yet!
Owner Tim posted on Aug 11th, 2023

Menu Entry Swapper

  • If you’ve ever played OSRS on Runelite, this will probably be familiar to you. It wasn’t easy, but I got it working on our client (and it’s even better)

  • Holding Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Ctrl+Shift, and Ctrl+Alt will allow you to customize the order of right-click menus in most scenarios.

  • Holding Alt will allow you to customize the default Left-click option for Items, NPCs, Objects, and ALL Interfaces.

  • The other key combinations will allow you to edit the left-click option while you hold down the specific key combination.

  • This data is saved in the client folder and will work on all characters.

  • The data is saved in a plain-text .ini file, so you can edit the file directly or share your combinations with others!

    • Note that if you clear your cache, it will delete this file, so back it up before you clear your cache if you want to save it!

  • In a lot of cases, customization isn’t even necessary, as the menu swapper has default values.

    • Like before the update, Shift will drop items and Withdraw/Deposit All items.

    • Control-clicking will Withdraw/Deposit X items

    • Shift+Control will set Placeholders in your bank

      • Setting a placeholder also now shows up as its own option, so you do not need the key combination. 

    • These actually re-order the menu rather than just overriding the action, so it’s more intuitive.

    • In addition to those

      • Shift will give the default 2nd option for NPCs, objects, and interfaces

      • Ctrl will give you the 3rd option for NPCs, objects, and interfaces

      • Ctrl+Shift will give the 4th option

      • Ctrl+Alt will give the 5th option

      • Note that if you have shift-drop enabled for items in your inventory, Shift will give drop, and ctrl will give the 2nd option (and so on)

    • All these defaults are individually toggleable and are able to be overridden by custom options.

  • You can toggle the hot-swap options on and off, but keep your settings if you don’t want the options getting in your way.

  • You can also disable the entire thing without deleting the data

  • All this is customizable in the new Settings panel (read below)


New Drop Announcement System

  • Rare drops are now sorted into Rare and Semi-rare.

    • Semi-rare drops include items like Dragon boots, Abyssal whips, Onyxes from the gem Stall, etc.

    • These items are cool the first few times, but after that get repetitive.

    • By default, these semi-rare drops will only be announced on the first three drops; after that, they will only announce every 10th drop.

      • You can toggle whether you want to see all these drops, or none of these drops in the new Settings panel (read below)

    • All drops will now have the number of times the player has received that drop before, so you can properly congratulate people who receive their first drop!


New Settings Panel!

  • The long overdue Settings rework has been completed!

  • Typing ::settings will now open up categories instead of a single panel

  • I won’t go over all the new settings here, but for some examples, you can:

    • Customize the previously mentioned Menu Entry Swapper

    • Customize the new Loot beam (Read below)

    • Individually toggle most world messages such as Living Rock Patriarch or Shooting stars.

    • Toggle most warning dialogues, like high-alch warnings or Wilderness teleport warnings.

      • There will also be an option to disable these when you get the option

    • Trinket settings have moved off of the “Configure” option on trinkets and are now in the Settings panel (Right-clicking to configure will take you there)

  • The new system is extremely modular, so expect new Settings to be added as they become necessary!


New Loot Beam Options

  • The Loot beam is now highly customizable.

  • By default, only rare and semi-rare items will receive loot beams which can be toggled individually.

  • There are also a bunch of preset options that you can toggle, such as Crystal keys, Slayer caskets, Muddy keys, and clues.

  • You can also toggle if you’d like to receive a Red chat message whenever a loot beam appears.

  • You can also add up to 7 (depending on your rank) custom items which can be just about anything!

    • No rank is 3 slots, then every other rank upgrade gets +1, with God (t) having 7 slots.

    • Once you add them to the list, they can be toggled on and off without having to remove them from the list.

    • Loot beams will not appear if the drop is more common than 1 in 5, and you cannot have more than 3 loot beams running at once, so don’t put anything too common on your list!


Other Additions

  • Added Veteran Titles up to 10

  • Bogrog’s shard exchange is now open again! It’s on the new interface, and he will now also swap scrolls for shards.

  • When attempting to claim more votes than allowed in a day, you will now receive a message letting you know how many votes couldn’t be claimed.

  • Added the Open Equipment Screen to the bank, which will allow you to quickly equip items

    • Right-clicking on it will also allow you to load/create presets

  • Added “F” when loading a preset “::pre (name/number) f” will now keep your bank open after the preset is loaded

  • You can now ask Suak to stop you if his instruction changes while you’re Smithing the correct item (after you finish the one you’re on) so you always get the most experience for your resources.

  • The Dominion Tower has been added to the “What Drops” command

    • This is merely to let players know they can get certain items from the Dominion Tower

  • Added Tool leprechauns to the SDZ farming patches

  • The “Powder” option on Chocolate bars now works

  • The Curtains at the Bandit Camp can now be opened

  • New items can now be stored in the Poh Costume box

    • Rainbow afros

    • Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix halos

    • Pirate outfit from Pirate implings

    • The Queen’s guard outfit

    • The Dragon ceremonial outfit

    • Fish mask

    • Gnome scarves

    • The Flying goblin hat

    • The Assasin’s outfit

    • Craftsman's Monocle

    • Turkey hat

    • Peahat

    • All 3 monkey hats

  • New items can now be stored in the Poh Weapon’s rack

    • All colors of Flowers

    • Monkey mace

    • Normal and Golden Scythes

  • Several plateskirts that couldn’t be stored in the PoH armor case are now storable, including (t), (g), and god rune.

  • The Diamond sceptre and Diamond crown can now be stored in the PoH Treasure box.

  • The Log Balance south of the Fremennik Province now works

  • Aquanites now have their attack graphics and projectiles

  • Grifolaroos now have attack projectiles

  • The Camel mask can now be noted



  • Your attack style, accurate, aggressive, defensive, or controller, is now saved based on your combat style, ranged, melee, or magic

    • This means if your attack style is Accurate with a Chaotic rapier and Rapid with a Zaryte bow, you can swap back and forth between them without changing the respective attack styles.

    • For melee weapons with only 3 attack styles, the third attack style is considered defensive, meaning switching back and forth between a weapon with 4 attack styles to a weapon with only 3 and back again, you’ll stay on defensive.

    • If you’re wielding a staff and turn on auto-cast, swapping between melee/ranged weapons and a staff will re-enable auto-cast while the staff is worn.

      • If you lack the runes for the auto-cast spell, it will not be re-enabled

    • If you turn on auto-cast while not wearing a staff, it will stay enabled until you swap weapons, in which case it will be disabled unless you enable it again manually.

    • If you have auto-cast enabled while wielding a staff, switch to a melee weapon, start auto-casting a different spell, and then switch back to the staff, it will restore your original auto-casted spell.

    • Having a spell auto-casted and switching between staves will not change the auto-cast, and you cannot have multiple auto-casts saved for different staves.

    • Note that the Polypore staff will overwrite any auto-cast with its own spell, but switching back to another staff will re-enable it

  • Updating pathfinding when two Entities are running at each other.

    • Rather than both running to the same spot and ending up on top of one another, causing them to have to back up in random directions, the pathfinding system will now consider their movement so they both end up within combat distance immediately without having to do a little dance.

  • Withdraw as note will default to off when opening your bank

  • You can now toggle on and off Bank search without closing the bank interface.

  • The Barrows controller will now persist above ground, meaning you can see the brothers you’ve killed without having to enter a crypt

    • There’s also a subtle graphics effect over the spades to show brothers you’ve yet to kill

  • If a Glacor loses aggro on you and you attack one of its Glacytes, it will start attacking you again.

  • Kuradal will now send you to Mutated Bloodvelds on a Slayer task rather than the ones in the Slayer Tower.

  • Your character will now stop attacking a Target if your next hit will kill it, keeping you from launching an extra arrow.

    • If your target heals before your hit lands and it survives, you will start attacking again without delay.

    • This does not apply when attacking players for those fast-paced PVP battles.

  • You can now re-attack the Noxious Wyrm slightly faster after he pops back up.

  • While in the Fight Caves and Fight Kiln, you will now be able to see enemies from much further away

  • You will no longer get “The effects of your overload have worn off” and similar messages on Death, as it’s implied.

  • You can now access Dominion markers from all sides

  • When buying Dungeoneering experience for tokens, the interface will now take into account your prestige when showing how much XP you will get

  • The “Some items were not able to be loaded because you didn’t have them in your bank.” message when loading presets for stackable items will not show up unless the item stack is less than 10% of your original preset, rather than having even just one fewer of the item.

  • Your auto-cast spell will no longer be reset when leaving things like Pest Control.

  • Increased the stun time when failing to dodge the rocks at the Living Rock Patriarch

  • The Living Rock Patriarch’s projectile no longer starts too far away from him.

  • Commander Zilyana now talks less often.

  • Your stats/hp being reset after completing a Dominion Tower floor will no longer interrupt you from opening the Exit door.

  • Zenevivia has had her HP and Defence slightly increased, so she isn’t teleporting after almost every hit.

  • Updated Nomad’s stats to be a bit more like they were in 2012

    • He has higher defense but less accuracy than he did before

  • Cleaned up a lot of the timings on the Nomad fight; the fight is overall a lot cleaner


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where interacting with the last two tabs in the bank would reset to your previously used tab

  • Fixed an error when trying to pick up hunter traps that no longer exist or don’t belong to you, causing traps to get duplicated

  • Being kicked from the server while climbing down the vine at the Ape Atoll agility course and the pipe in the Wilderness agility course will no longer cause you to be stuck in the obstacle as you log back in.

  • The door to the Clothing shop in Rellekka now works correctly

  • Fixed a ladder at Bandit Camp from putting you in the incorrect spot

  • Using the ::house command from certain areas will no longer cause your house to fail to load

  • You can no longer be refunded for Artisans’ Workshop ingots if your ore storage is too full

  • Fixed an incorrect dialogue when attempting to teleport to a Group Slayer task when you don’t have one

  • The “You party found a key” and “You party used a key” messages will no longer show up twice if two players grab/use the key at the same time

  • The ZMI will no longer attempt to use Normal rune essence if you’re crafting lower-level runes

  • Desert bandits will no longer attack you while holding Zaros items

  • Attempting to create a waypoint with a name when you don’t have any more waypoint slots will no longer return an error

  • Fixed an error preventing you from renewing your familiar when it should be allowed

  • Karamel in the Dominion Tower can no longer reduce your special attack past 0%

  • Fixed several Dominion Tower bosses that lost their animations a couple of updates ago

  • Eruni now properly has their stats again

  • The Inadequacy now properly uses range again

  • Zenevivia can no longer be attacked before her teleport ends completely

  • Fixed a bug where Nomad would start to think you were safe-spotting him while he was charging up his attack

  • Fixed a bug where your Familiar could aggro Nomad while he is charging up an attack

  • The number of handicap options in the Handicap interface in Dominion Tower display amount will now properly update with the number of actions you have left

  • Trader Stan will now properly Charter like his crewmembers

  • You can no longer start a Dungeon if any player does not have a Ring of Kinship

  • The Dungeoneering tutor will no longer return an extra Ring of Kinship to you after holding your items

  • The Entgallow shortbow and Magic potion can now be properly bound inside Dungeons

  • An NPC that is bound will no longer walk to try and not attack diagonally

    • They can still attack diagonally


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