Update Notes 6/29/23 - Massive Dungeoneering Update!
Owner Tim posted on Jun 29th, 2023

Some very exciting stuff for Dungeoeering in this update! I did not get to everything I wanted to yet. I could probably do another full update and not be finished with Dungeoneering, but I wanted to get these changes out now! I have a good system for adding more puzzle rooms, so expect to see more added soon. I also didn’t have time to rewrite all the bosses; some still have their normal glitches. I’ll be getting them done soon. Enough about what I didn’t too; read on to what I did!


Dungeoneering Additions

  • Full Ring of Kinship customization support

    • You may now right-click to customize your ring of kinship

    • All classes can be upgraded from levels 1-10

    • The token cost to upgrade is 10x the normal RS amount

    • Class upgrades are non-refundable

    • All the classes work exactly like they did in normal RS in 2012

      • You can read the descriptions of what each one does in the interface

    • You may only have one class selected at a time and one “quick-switch” class that you can swap back and forth from without having to open the interface

    • You can use the quick-switch option while in combat, but you cannot customize the rings while in combat

    • You can customize the ring outside of a Dungeon

    • Maxing out one class has an achievement, thus required for Comp cape

    • Maxing out all classes is required for The Trimmed Comp cape

  • The way Doors are handled inside Dungeons now uses a new system; rather than opening a door, then having to click on the door again to move through it every time, clicking on the door to load the next room will now replace the door with a magical barrier, removing the door completely.

    • This magical barrier does not need to be clicked on to move through; you can simply walk through it like it wasn’t there.

    • NPCs cannot attack or move through the barriers so for them it’s effectively the same as a door.

    • You of course also cannot attack through the barrier

    • This saves a lot of unnecessary clicking when moving through multiple rooms at once, and now your character will automatically pathfind to any room you can click on, rather than having to plan the route yourself via the map

    • The only exception is Boss Doors, which still act like they did before

  • When in resizable mode, the Dungeon map will now be open in the upper left-hand corner under the key interface

    • This interface will now stay open through combat, opening doors, etc.

    • It will automatically update as necessary.

    • You can close it with the X button and re-open it with the Map button by the minimap.

    • When in fixed mode, the map works like it did before; however, it will automatically update if you have it open.

  • Added many more puzzle rooms

    • The Charging Monolith room

    • The Rocky Debris room

    • The moving Ghost Spirit room

    • Three Statue room

    • Ten Statue room

    • Lodestone power room

    • Fishing Ferret room

    • Flower roots room

    • Return the flow room

    • Suspicious grooves room

    • Keystone bridge room

    • Unfinished bridge room

  • Herblore is now fully functioning inside Dungeons

    • Potions will never be required to complete a dungeon, but they may still help.

    • You may bind one potion to you in a separate potion-bound slot

    • You will be given this potion at the start of dungeons and may use it whenever you want

  • Summoning is now fully functioning inside Dungeons

    • All familiars are summonable and have their special abilities

  • The titles assigned to each player at the end of Dungeons now work like Real RS

    • I added all the missing ones too!
  • All the arrow types in Dungeoneering now have their graphics and projectiles set correctly

  • Marking NPCs now works.

  • Forgotten Warriors will now have the correct bonuses based on the equipment they’re wearing; they will also only drop equipment that they have on them.

    • Any of them that had incorrect animations now have correct animations

    • You’ll notice the higher-level ones have higher defense than they did before; this is intentional. They’re meant to be tanky enemies

    • Rangers and Magers did not change


Dungeoneering Adjustments

  • Though more puzzle rooms already reduced the frequency of this, I added code to prevent two of the same puzzle rooms from being generated next to each other.

  • Clicking on a locked door instead of the glowing key object will now attempt to unlock the door rather than just saying it’s locked, forcing you to click again on the key object.

  • Reworked the Drops algorithm for standard NPCs

    • Drops are less cluttered and more geared toward the party’s levels

  • Resources that spawn in the Dungeon will now be based on the party’s levels

  • Dragons spawn less frequently in rooms

  • Players with the God Rank will now have fast home teleports inside Dungeons.

    • You still cannot use it while in combat

  • You can no longer call out pets while inside Dungeons

  • The Dungeoneering master cape and skill cape will now recall arrows for you while inside a Dungeon

  • Rewrote how resource collecting is handled inside Dungeons; you will now get more resources depending on your level, the level of the resource, and the tool you’re using

  • Resource nodes are capped at 5

  • It was added in the last update, but in case you missed it Gatestones now have “Drop” as the first option.

  • Readjusted the bonuses of NPCs inside Dungeons

  • All the barriers will now be removed from the Toxin Maze puzzle room after the room is completed.

  • The Censers in the Poltergeist room’s first option is now “Add-herb” instead of “Inspect”

  • The Complexity will no longer automatically increase during a player's first time Dungeoneering.

  • You can now view your completed floors even if you’re not the leader of a party or inside dungeons.

  • Bosses in Dungeoneering will no longer get stuck behind players or other NPCs

    • The Skeletal Trio will still not walk on top of each other.

    • The Skeletons in the Skeletal Horde will also still not stack


Dungeoneering Bug fixes

  • Rewrote many aspects of Object spawning and made it more efficient so Dungeoneering should be less laggy

    • This will also affect things outside Dungeoneering

  • Fixed many minor glitches with animations and graphics; everything should feel quite a bit smoother and less clunky

    • Several of these animation fixes can be noticed outside of Dungeons too

  • Fixed a bug where the Magic max hit wasn’t being set properly

  • Resource nodes will no longer spawn in completely blocked off


Other Bug Fixes/Adjustments

  • Summoning has been completely rewritten (Mainly to accept Dungeoneering Familiars)

    • You won’t notice a huge amount from your normal familiars; it’s just a cleaner more efficient system.

    • All Summoning familiars are now summonable

    • All familiars have their invisible skill boosts

    • However, not all familiars have their special abilities or animations just yet.

  • Entities are now given random indexes when spawned rather than iteratively.

    • This is to solve the rare issue when one NPC despawns at the same tick as a new one spawns; the client may try and apply the settings of the old NPC to the new NPC, such as trying to continue the death animation on the new NPC

    • This caused some silly visual glitches that should now be solved

    • Entities are already processed in a random order, so this does not change that

  • Larger aggressive NPCs will now see you from a larger distance

  • The Minimap Flag will now be properly set to the location your character’s running to, even if the clipping data has changed

  • Your saved username/password will now properly be entered on a server disconnect, not just when you safely logout

  • The Star Sprite no longer calls Runite ore Rune stone spirits

  • Added a new easy achievement “Welcome” for registering your account on the website

    • It will be completed automatically if you’ve already done so

  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the Corporeal Beast's Dark core to null the server


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